Some customers told us that their blades were not applied as it was expected, kindly advise to check the dryer running speed, the moisture will cause the blade to bad cutting performance. Make sure the board is fully dried. 

Here is the example, let’s set the gypsum board length of the production line is 3000mm, and the production rate is 60m/min, let’s take a look at the data of the dryer.

1. The length of the closed section of the production line dryer is 132m
2. There are 12 layers of dryers: the gypsum board is grouped into two pieces and enters the dryer side by side.
3. The operating speed of the gypsum board production line is 60m/min.
4. The running speed of the gypsum board in the dryer is: V=60/(12×2)=2.5m/min
5. The running time T40 of gypsum board in the dryer is: T40=132/2.5=52.8min