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30 05, 2021

Fiberglass Improve Plasterboard Strength and Toughness

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Fibre materials can be added to the gypsum slurry to improve the gypsum board's strength and toughness. The requirement for the use of fibre materials is to strengthen the strength of the gypsum board while not affecting the strength, density and elasticity of the gypsum board, adhesion, etc. Fibre materials play a [...]

25 05, 2021

Foaming Agent is a Vital Additive in Gypsum Board

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Since the development of the gypsum board, people have become more demanding on the board's weight. Under the premise of ensuring strength, gypsum boards with a smaller unit weight are more and more popular. It saves transportation costs, reduces construction personnel's labour intensity, and facilitates its application in high-rise buildings. Therefore, the foaming agent is [...]

17 05, 2021

An Unprecedented Rise in China’s Various Industries Mainly Due to International Politics & Finance

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Unfortunately, China's various industries will have an unprecedented rise due to many reasons, ranging from 5% to 20%. Apart from the exchange rate and raw material, the major factors are international politics and finance. Due to COVID-19, many countries are constantly issuing currency to ease the economic crisis. The United States uses [...]

15 05, 2021

Automatic Stacking Machine for Ceiling Tiles

By |2021-05-15T23:17:43+00:00May 15th, 2021|Gypsum Related Machine|0 Comments

Summary Many factories still use manual palletizing machines with low production capacity and require at least two human workers. This ceiling tiles machine solves the palletizing problem, achieving automatic stacking function, reducing labour, saving costs, and increasing production efficiency. Gypsum Board Lamination Machine 1. Easy to install and easy to operate 2. Full-automatic [...]

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