Many factories still use manual palletizing machines with low production capacity and require at least two human workers. This ceiling tiles machine solves the palletizing problem, achieving automatic stacking function, reducing labour, saving costs, and increasing production efficiency.

Gypsum Board Lamination Machine
1. Easy to install and easy to operate
2. Full-automatic and semi-automatic
3. Saving energy and labour cost
4. High efficiency, high output
5. Fast delivery, good after-sales service

Technical Data

Effective Laminating Width


Sheet Thickness 5~30mm
Laminating Speed 15m/min
Speed Adjustment Method Frequency Conversion Synchronous Speed Regulating
Electrical Control PLC
Annual Capacity 2~4 million
Film Material PVC Film, Aluminum Foils, Decorative Paper, etc.
Board Sheet Material Gypsum Board, PVC Foam Board, Sectional Board, etc