Fibre materials can be added to the gypsum slurry to improve the gypsum board’s strength and toughness. The requirement for the use of fibre materials is to strengthen the strength of the gypsum board while not affecting the strength, density and elasticity of the gypsum board, adhesion, etc.

Fibre materials play a reinforcing role in the crystallization process of gypsum, improve the strength and toughness of the gypsum board core, and make the gypsum board crack resistant. Adding fibre materials to the gypsum board will also significantly increase the elasticity of the gypsum board.

Fibreglass is usually applied for fire-resistant gypsum board. It is common for some gypsum board factories to use fibreglass instead of paper fibre in standard gypsum board. Fibreglass requires good dispersibility, good adhesion to plaster, and does not stick to the cutter after being cut.

The specifications of fibreglass are as follows:
PlasterboardĀ uses fibreglass quality: 40 ~ 80g/1000m
Fibreglass fiber diameter: 0.01mm
The length of fibreglass used in paper gypsum board: 6~20mm

fiberglass for a perfect plasterboard