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25 01, 2021

The Development of Superplasticizer

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From the perspective of the performance development process of water reducing agents, the development of water-reducing agents can be divided into the following four stages:① Development and application of ordinary water-reducing agents represented by lignosulfonate;② Superplasticizer represented by β-naphthalenesulfonate formaldehyde condensate (PNS) and sulfonated melamine formaldehyde condensate (PMS);③ A superplasticizer with slump retention ability modified [...]

18 01, 2021

Gypsum Cornice Production Line

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SUMMARY Automatic gypsum cornice production line is composed of a dosing system, mixing system, foaming system, transporting line system, cleaning system, maintenance and drying system, etc. The traditional manual procedure cannot control the quality, especially lead cornice to low strength, poor waterproof performance. With our R&D, now problems solved by this production line, the [...]

6 01, 2021

OEM Logo Sealing Kraft Tape for Gypsum Board Manufacture

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We are sharing you some information about gypsum edge tape, which can seal two boards together only with water, no pollution. The popular edge tape most of gypsum board factories applied, specification as below: 1. Width: 50mm 2. Length per roll: 1000m 3. Paper: 68GSM/sqm 4. Glue: 20GSM (123microns) 5. Flexo printing 6. Glue: [...]

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