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29 06, 2021

2019-2020 DMC Domestic Market Price Trend

By |2021-06-29T03:11:27+00:00June 29th, 2021|Gypsum Chemicals|0 Comments

Organic Chemical Material: Silicone DMC from the year 2019 compared to 2020 in the above chart. Looking back at the main trend of DMC in 2019, the market is still suppressed first and then increased. The price fluctuations throughout the year were noticeable and soaring, and emergency stops are the norm. [...]

7 06, 2021

Naphthalene Water Reducing Agent Plays an Important Role in Plasterboard Production

By |2021-06-07T01:43:11+00:00June 7th, 2021|Gypsum Materials|0 Comments

The water-reducing agent is an additive that can keep the working fluidity of gypsum slurry unchanged and significantly reduce the added amount. Adding water reducing agent in the production of gypsum board, even in the case of a lower water-to-slurry ratio, still can improve the proper fluidity of gypsum slurry. Therefore, reducing the amount [...]

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