Unfortunately, China’s various industries will have an unprecedented rise due to many reasons, ranging from 5% to 20%.

Apart from the exchange rate and raw material, the major factors are international politics and finance. Due to COVID-19, many countries are constantly issuing currency to ease the economic crisis. The United States uses its currency hegemony to pass on the problem to the whole world by issuing 10 trillion US dollars.

As the world factory, China must prevent from being slaughtered, and price increasing is an inevitable trend shortly. In my opinion, the current price is likely to be the lowest. Moreover, when the price goes up, it will be difficult to call back because it is impossible to take back the currency issued by the USA and other countries.

In addition, the shipping companies also have joined to raise price recently, and I hope you can make proper order & shipping plans.

It is a difficult time now, but opportunities and risks often coexist. Those who can persist will surely get rich rewards in the future. I am willing to work with you to overcome the difficulties.