Organic Chemical Material: Silicone DMC from the year 2019 compared to 2020 in the above chart.

Looking back at the main trend of DMC in 2019, the market is still suppressed first and then increased. The price fluctuations throughout the year were noticeable and soaring, and emergency stops are the norm.

The overall trend of China’s DMC market upward since November 2020
November 9, a small number of manufacturers of DMC provides a quote, and prices continue to increase. Factory inventories are low, and supplies are tight. November 11, most manufacturers do not quote and temporarily stop selling this material in the market.

Overseas market orders to the Chinese market
As a result of the global covid-19 outbreak, India and other overseas textile orders shifted to the Chinese market, China’s increased demand for textiles to promote increased demand for DMC.

Forecast 2021
The DMC market inventory is low, and demand exceeds supply, downstream products for raw material demand are greater. In the short term, China’s DMC market trend will continue to run steadily and may continue to rise.